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?And the guests too... Isn't that what you really came for
Open your mind, and enjoy an event you will never forget. !In a new version designed for zoom

Interactive show
?a fascinating lecture

Interactive Show
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A virtual show that will excite and amuse the employees who have almost forgotten to smile and enjoy life. We have a unique, deceptive, and surprising show, built especially for the new life and in accordance with the limitations of digital

-Second Thoughts
How to influence minds
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is a thought-provoking lecture. A lecture that will accelerate the brain blood flow and grant proven, practical, and immediate tools that will reveal the techniques that influence everyone's thoughts. Looking to improve the converstion rate or how you read the people you come in contact with? "Second Thoughts" lecture is what you're looking for.

Two new live zoom products on your screen, optimized for 🖥️the new virtual format- now offered at a viral price

What are you after?

Interactive Show

$ 1,100 a mental roller coaster
  • Up to 100 participants (extra fee fore more)
  • 30-40minutes
  • The show takes place in your living room, or to be precise on your screen, Neta turns the participants themselves to the center of the show. demonstrating hilarious mental experiments that will be remembers hours after the show. So if you too are looking for a reason to get excited in front of the screen, to enjoy an intelligent and quality show - you are invited to book a date for your next event. Neta and the staff come all the way to your screen and together will make sure that you will be left with butterflies in your stomach, full of excitement and wonder.

Second Thoughts

$ 1,500 Influence anyone's thoughts
  • Up to 100 participants (extra fee fore more)
  • One hour and 45 minutes (including a short break)
  • The flagship product for training executives, HR departments, and of course- sales teams. A wonderful opportunity to get to know the psychology behind the world's successful illusions, and how using the same principles, they can be harnessed in your work routine- improving sales, conversions, and success at any moment that includes human interaction. A special workshop could be adjusted according .to the organization needs

Seeing is believing

If we've gotten this far and you still haven't decided, we should probably meet.

We would love to meet you for a short, 15-minute zoom session-

Neta will perform a short taste of the experience. Just like before a wedding, you decide.

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