Neta Bresler

Mind Artist

give your guests only two things-
Amaze them, and then amaze them even more.

I'll make sure they have something to think about for a long time

So what is really important for you to have at the event?


Because you will not miss the opportunity to do a better event from last year …

we all want the people at our event to be excited. We had enough "gray" events.

But how many times have you been to events and weren't excited? Now multiply that to the experience of your family and closest friends … and you'll get the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve …

an event that people remember and talk about. 

This is where a Mind Artist can help. Together we’ll create a thought-provoking experience for your people. At your event, people will grab their heads and say, "I never knew that about myself!" 

נגן וידאו

The guests at your event are going to get excited.

It will start with a tickle at the bottom of the face (some call it a "smile") when they discover something surprising about someone sitting next to them, probably your sister or your previous job boss's partner. it would then very quickly turn into a laughter of astonishment, with eyes wide open so as not to miss a moment when secrets are flying through the air. After the emotions rise, stories begin to form for the most important people in the event. The first message comes from the VP: "Wow, that was amazing!… Where did you find this Neta!?!" The complimenting texts will connect with your feeling that "boy... something really did happen there" all this because of one moment. You booked a Mind Artist.

Three top-of-the-line shows - that feel different every single time.

Stage show - "Eight Lies"

The original main show that will surprise even the skeptics in your audience.

the show reveals 8 different sides of our mind and demonstrates them on people from the audience, the audience is an integral part from the show so you are can rest assured that it will be a unique one-time experience. 

and it will be. guaranteed: there will be no 2 identical performances, it won’t be like  last year's toast or or the previous product launch.


one of the original sections that you won’t see anywhere else In the world includes a demo of the idea of "Have you ever seen a thought?"

In "Eight Lies" you’ll see one of the guests connecting to a real brain scanner with which the entire audience reads their thoughts- Live on stage!

Three reasons to choose "Eight lies"

  • Have you ever felt your memory change? In this performance you will.
  • you have experienced your imagination becoming reality? In "eight lies" It just happens.
  • Ever wondered how it feels when your thoughts are revealed? Be prepared to discover the secrets of someone especially important.

"Eight lies" is a roller coaster for your brain. People will talk about it. People will remember that.
Hope you put on your seat belts:)

Close-Up Show - "Personal Magic"

Most people invited to your event are really important to you. Right? 

I'm not talking about the ones you invited "because you have to" …

The actually important guests. The ones that you actually hope you’ll get a chance to talk to and you want them to enjoy.

And how many times you haven't really been able to talk with everyone you wanted?

there's nothing to do. Not everyone can get all the attention.

That's why "personal magic" exists, it’s a dynamic show that shifts between your guests … 

Imagine that there is someone walking around, demonstrating to everyone (you read it right, everyone) how their thoughts seem to be written on their forehead with a black permanent marker. 


One of the things that are important to my clients is that the event’s memory will live on, even after it's over. Even a few weeks later. 

Sometimes people add personalized gifts or magnetic photographs to try and create something tangible for the guests in order to remind them of how much fun they had.

in "Personal Magic" show, guests will receive small magical gifts to remind them of this day. 

Here are a few examples of the gifts your guests will receive: 

  • Illusions with Polaroid Pictures taken and printed on the spot (proving that life's important choices are always done with a smile)
  • Personally-printed card illusions with a back photo of the company's employees, groom and bride or the family of who’s celebrating.
  • Guests' coins (which they sign!) bend in their own hands
  • and a few other ideas that will make them keep this magical souvenir and remember this day for a long time.


You will know that these souvenirs were truly magical and truly exciting when each time you meet your cousin on holidays she will pull out the bent coin from her purse or the card with her fiance's signature.


The experience is suitable for receptions or could also be done throughout the whole event. 

Lecture - "Second thoughts"

"Second thoughts" is the only lecture that reveals the secret techniques that are used to affect our brain.

Every day we are all exposed to messages in the media, on our phones and even by the people closest to us and they all share one purpose. Changing your mind. Directly influencing your choice.


The "second thoughts" lecture does exactly that – giving you tools to identify these situations and give them a second thought. (and maybe learn how to use these techniques yourself!)


The lecture is classic infotainment. Each principle is divided into four parts:

  • An entertaining demonstration of brain influence through magic that is performed among the viewers

  • exposure of how it works, and most importantly – why does this magic technique work?!
    (Why did the entire audience think of the three of heart, why can’t we pick up on that object switch in front of our eyes, and how do “mind-readers” create their illusion of influence?

  • Explanation the influence principle in play that works on us like magic (including examples from academic research, sales, books and of course- the world of magic)


  •  and how is all this relevant to us?? – How can we improve our influence! (In sales, while waiting  in line, with our partner or in the office) 


the audience will get answers to questions like "When and how are my thoughts created?" Or "How can it be influenced? "And know how to apply it to others' thoughts!

Ten Reasons Why You Don't Need a Mind Artist:

Because you have a book that you haven't returned to the library since 2003, and if the book's name is in your head, the mind artist might pick it up and reveal the big secret...

If your uncle is Jerry Seinfeld and he’s coming to the event - the event will be good anyway. Don't invite me (I'll come for free!).

There is a pretty high percentage of guests that you had to invite and didn't really want. You really don't want them to enjoy and you even replaced the sushi booth with a popcorn stand

It makes no sense to spend so much money on one day, no matter how special it is

People can see magic on TV, and thought artists are rarer but require close parking (who knew that a real brain scanner weighs so much?)

It's important for you to separate the family sides at the event, so that ,heaven forbid, no group of people will laugh together and learn something personal about others

You have this relative who always invents patent ideas, and you are afraid that he will be angry that the mind artist will reveal the name of his first invention

Your event already has food, music and parking, and this is what all events have, including the average, and average is perfectly fine by you.

When people laugh at the event it give you migraine

You once did a great event, and you will probably do a lame event in the future, so on average all your events will be Meh.

Two reasons you want a mind artist:

you want to give your guests a feeling that they never felt before.

The events’ success depends only on how your guests feel, and you plan a successful event.

Did you nod your head while reading?

Single reason why it’s difficult to work with a mind artist

Allow me to share with you the most important secret to the success of your event.

  1. They are usually already booked on your date

So the next step is to let me know when do you want it to happen?

This tool will help you check if I am available – just send the date you want to see if I am free 

or if you are not sure when exactly – and want to check a date range, feel free to send in a few possible dates.

Talk to me...

Mentalist VS Mind Artist

The field of mentalism has undergone some important phases in recent years.Before the phrase "Mentalist" entered our culture (quite recently) the common title to use when calling anyone who engaged in this profession was "mind reader"A person who influences the five senses to create an illusion of a sixth sense. Things like reading body language and influencing thoughts.

The problem with the name is that it's both wrong and misleading to consumers.

Prior to that phase there were "telepathy artists" who claimed supernatural powers (bold lie).

Even today – "mind readers" exist, they claim to be so proficient at reading body language that they can know things about you that you don't even know. They lie to the audience no less than telepathy artists.

Mind readers make us believe that minds can be read (lie) using psychology. So came the need for a more accurate description …
and a new experiential theatrical genre was born.

"Mind art"

The main difference comes from the artist's goal. A mind reader tries to entertain you. The measure of his success is applause.
Conversely, the goal of a mind artist is that after the applause, the people in the audience will discover something new about their thinking. Not as part of an illusion, not as a trick, and certainly not by magic.
A mind artist might not tell you the whole truth – but he'll never lie to the audience. 

A mind artist will use psychological illusions to reveal the secret areas in the realm of our thoughts.
A mind artist will make sure you leave the room after the encore and take another look at how you think.

Questions everyone asks:

About Me

Right now I'm going to read your thoughts. Do not close your eyes, but take a deep breath. Count to six and think of a name of an animal. You know what, not an animal. Think about a question. A question you want to ask me.

The question you probably thought was "How did you learn that?" But maybe in your mind it was more worded in the direction of "When did you start with this?" Or "How did you end up being a mind artist?"

So it goes like that … the weirdest thing, and I do not believe it myself even though it's the truth – at the age of 6 I started being weirdly curious and trying to understand why people were behaving the way they did. In short – I tried to read everyone's thoughts.

Imagine … a 6-year-old in the middle of his first grade flying in the plane with his parents and his little sister. Flying west. This kid is going to amaze your guests soon but at that point – he just knew how to do a simple exercise of detecting truths and lies in the face of friends and family. Imagine this boy revealing the flight attendant thoughts when she brings him crayons and pages for painting. It's a long flight – to the United States.

What happened there changed my life.

We bought an RV that would become our home for the coming year and started traveling with it across the US and across the US

  • I did not have a school (I studied in the RV from school books that we bought in advance) 
  • I had no regular friends (we kept traveling every two weeks) 

and mostly – 

  • had no communication! I did not know English and could not communicate with my environment beyond basic messages …

but somewhere in a touristic pier in California, in a badly lit magic shop – my parents bought me a magic kit … this kit has opened the door to a world in which i learnt i have the ability to surprise every human being in eight different ways. (or more)

suddenly I could communicate with English-speaking kids my age, not in words – but in magic! 

The first sentence I learned in English was "Do You Want To See A Magic" .I discovered that I can communicate with people around me, and allow them to see something new that they've never seen before.

since then over twenty years have passed. I remember this kid. He helped me turn a talent into a life goal.

three quick facts: 

  • I founded an academic center in Jerusalem to study the art of minds.
  • ran and performed in fluent English all over the world – Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid, Athens, Los Angeles, New York and for closure- California!
  • I perform with a real brain scanner and teach the audience to recognize what thoughts look like and how to read them

Mind art is my greatest passion. It's what I think of when I get up in the morning and dream about it at night, there is nothing I love more than creating new psychological illusions and giving people a chance to challenge what they thought they knew.

I'm Neta Bressler – and I invite you to rethink human thought.

About You

As you probably understand by now – I am an avid supporter of eye-level communication, I love talking to people directly. 


Everyone knows that good communication you needs two, so here – I told you about myself!

And now I want to hear about you, what you need and where you want me to fit into the picture…
Feel free to fill in these questions here, but if you prefer a more flowing conversation – just drop me a call…

There is one action that is now more important than the rest. And she's on the other side of that phone number.

(Even for those who just want to check availability on a date, get a quote or ask your burning question)

So here it is: 058-5695-850

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