It's not that forty – two percent of people like purple more than any other color and that's why I chose it.
It has nothing to do with something mystical like the third eye or anything like that at all.
To tell the truth – I do not even have a particular fondness for color…

But there's something cool that not many people know about purple.

נגן וידאו

This color … it just does not exist.
The full scientific explanation can be found here

But here's a video I made for you to see what I mean
Unlike all other colors that the eye can detect – our brain guesses it is purple and produces the color in retrospect.
So when you see the color purple on my website, or in a show in my suit that is magenta purple, you are actually just thinking purple but not seeing it. And this is a beautiful metaphor for magic and an example of the effects I will present at your event.

There is one action that is now more important than the rest. And she's on the other side of that phone number.

(Even for those who just want to check availability on a date, get a quote or ask your burning question)

So here it is: 058-5695-850


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